Is MyTime Really For Me?

Is MyTime Really For Me?


Is MyTime Really for me?

You have a free morning, finally! No specialist or therapy appointments, you’ve got the other kids off to school, and it’s just you and your little one. The MyTime flyer is on the fridge, it says that playgroup is on this morning, and it promises “a place for you to unwind and talk about your experiences, and find out about parenting information and learn new skills”. You would like to give it a try, but you ask yourself “is MyTime really for me?”

What is MyTime really like?

MyTime is first of all, a safe and welcoming place, for you and your child. You can be reassured that while you take some time out for yourself, your child will have fun playing with our experienced staff and volunteers. And nothing your child does will shock any one! The attitude is always “We are all learning here!”

It is a safe and accepting place for parents too. The families who come are all on a similar journey, and have a real understanding of the rewards and challenges of caring for a child with a disability or chronic medical condition. They understand that some days you need to talk, and some days you don’t want to. They appreciate the small victories and will celebrate with you, and they are also there to listen when things are not going well. They are also willing to share all the helpful information they have about local services, like a good hairdresser who can cut your child’s hair even while they are on the floor having a tantrum, or a good paediatric dentist, the best blood collection service, or the latest cool playground. They often have practical parenting and teaching strategies up their sleeves that have proved helpful and that they are happy to share.

And what you do at MyTime really is up to you. You can have a cup of tea (and a Tim Tam) and just sit in a quiet spot. You can chat to other parents, join in the conversation, or look at the MyTime parent resources.

You can do a bit of mindful colouring or whatever activity might be available that will just help you to recharge your batteries. MyTime is your time and it’s really all about you taking care of yourself. As a parent this is one of the best things you can do for your child and family. By looking after your wellbeing, whether it’s being part of community that really gets you, or just stopping for 5 minutes for a cup of tea, you are looking after your child.

To book in for MyTime call us on 99232727 or contact us.

To learn more about MyTime click here.

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