Welcome To EarlyEd

Early childhood intervention for children with disability or developmental delay, from birth to primary school.

EarlyEd is a registered NDIS provider.


Our Team

  • Physiotherapists

    Physiotherapists have expertise in large muscle movement and function who work in partnership with families to assist the child in their strength, balance and mobility.

  • Speech Pathologists

    Speech Pathologists have expertise in helping children to communicate either verbally or through other ways such as Key Word Sign or visuals and to understand others.  They can also support with feeding issues and starting solids.

  • Family Support Workers

    Family Support Workers have expertise in supporting children, families, groups and communities. Support is offered to help you identify and find solutions for any concerns that you may have for you or your family.

  • Special Educators

    Special Educators have expertise in supporting children and their families to be included in their natural environment and community settings, by facilitating the overall needs of the child to enhance their learning and development.

  • Occupational Therapists

    Occupational Therapists have expertise in the development of small muscles and sensory issues to enhance a child’s independence, self-care, play and social skills.

  • Behaviour Support Specialists

    Behaviour Specialists have expertise in supporting children in regards to behaviour that can affect learning or participation in the community.

EarlyEd is a family-centred early childhood intervention service for young children with disabilities or delays in their development, and their families.

EarlyEd has been supporting families and the community of Sydney, Australia since 1979.  Hear from our families in this video.