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Every family needs support at some time. Every parent will do a better job managing their child’s interventions if they can access support for their family’s well-being.

Since the roll out of NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) EarlyEd’s funding to support families has ceased. $115 would provide a family member with an hour of phone support or an opportunity to come in and meet with one of our team. Donate today and help us fill this gap in support.

Support Online Playgroups for Children with a Disability.

Help EarlyEd bring families new learning opportunities. Community supports and therapy are interrupted due to COVID-19. Families are looking for different supports and ways to connect.

EarlyEd has low-cost, no-cost, inclusive and family-friendly services ready to deliver across Western and Northern Sydney. Help us give families the confidence to support their children during these times. Every activity we can run will make a difference. 

Donate for EarlyEd to deliver

1. Online supported playgroups: $200 per session. 

2. Parent online information sessions: $600 per session 

3. Learn to Play – Play to Learn – social media campaign until May 2021: $500 a week.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Our CFN is 10570.  See our frequently asked questions below to learn more about how your donation will help EarlyEd!

Donating to EarlyEd in any amount provides vital family supports including:

  • Support for babies born with disability
  • Early support for families at the point of diagnosis
  • Supporting the needs of the whole family
  • Advocating for inclusion of children with disabilities in their community

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Our CFN is 10570.  See our frequently asked questions below to learn more about how your donation will help EarlyEd!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is EarlyEd a charity?

Yes EarlyEd is a registered charity and has been operating for nearly 40 years.  It was started by a group of special educators concerned that there were no services for children with disabilities or delays in their development. They knew even then that starting intervention early makes a significant difference to a child’s development and their family’s lives.

What does EarlyEd do with donations?

EarlyEd uses donations for services and activities that:

  • give support directly to parents, children and families,
  • help community agencies include children with disabilities in their programs and
  • provide staff with practical, early intervention training to suit their individual service.

What specific services will my donation support?  

EarlyEd donations make sure that we can help families as soon as they need it and help them with services that aren’t covered by NDIS. These include:

  • Emergency support for families at the point of diagnosis
  • Advocating for the inclusion of children with disabilities in their community
  • Offering activities close to home
  • Funding travel to families over the NDIS cap

We provide immediate support and intervention to families with babies. If a family is concerned about their child we provide information and advice as well as support through playgroups. We meet with community agencies to keep them aware of the need to refer families early for support. In this changing time of NDIS we fill the gaps and make the government aware how changes are impacting services to children.

Families now pay for services, so why would I donate?
Under the NDIS, the government no longer provide funds directly to not-for-profit organisations like EarlyEd, but rather individuals receive funds and choose the services they need, which are then paid for by the NDIS. This has limited the way EarlyEd can now support families. Where previous funding meant that we could provide support to families who had concerns about their child’s development, regardless of whether they had received a formal diagnosis, NDIS now means that we are only funded to run services for families with approved NDIS plans. Additionally, a number of our services do not meet NDIS funding criteria including supporting the whole needs of family through counselling and crisis support. Learn more about helping us maintain vital supports for families.

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