Professional Training

Professional Training

Supporting all Early Childhood Educators

EarlyEd has trainers qualified in presenting 3 Hanen® programs that can support early childhood educators.

They are all well researched, evidence based intensive programs of varying lengths. Our presenters are experienced early childhood interventionists.

For more information, contact us to find out what program is suitable for your centre and how the program will benefit your organisation.

The Hanen® website provides you with detail about each program.

At the moment EarlyEd offers these programs:

“The Learning Language and Loving It program was designed to provide early childhood educators with practical strategies for helping all children in the classroom build language and social skills, no matter what their learning and communication styles are, and even if they have special needs.”

“If you work in an early childhood setting, Teacher Talk can provide you with core strategies from the Learning Language and Loving It Program for Early Childhood Educators to help you create rich and stimulating language-learning environments for the young children you work with.”

“Hanen’s® newest program, ABC and Beyond, is designed to help educators of preschool children (ages 3-5) promote the emergent literacy skills that all children need to develop in order to learn to read and write successfully. By taking the latest research in early literacy development and “translating” it into practical, immediately usable strategies, ABC and Beyond makes it easy for educators to build literacy naturally into every part of the day.”

Want to learn more about what EarlyEd Hanen® professional training?

Contact EarlyEd now to discuss your individual needs.


Professional Training and EarlyEd

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