Support Coordination

Support Coordination

Support coordinator

EarlyEd is an NDIS registered provider of support coordination.  Our early intervention staff have expertise in family support, and are connected to other leading children’s service providers in the community.  We are experienced in crisis management as well as supporting families through the planning and review process, maximising value for money for supports and help source and choose the right provider for your family.

The benefits of EarlyEd’s Support Coordination

If you have young children EarlyEd is the right provider for you.

This is because:

  • Our early intervention staff have expertise in supporting families with young children eligible for NDIS
  • We are well connected to children’s and family service providers in the community
  • We are experienced helping families work through family difficulties or in a crisis
  • We understand the developmental needs of children, the range of interventions available for children and which ones are evidence based
  • Our knowledge and experience will help you get value for money for your child’s plan and help source and choose the provider that is right for your family
  • All team members are experienced at supporting families through the NDIS planning and review process. This means that we know what kind of information you will need to obtain so that you get a plan that suits your child for the next 12 months

EarlyEd has a team of Support Coordinators from a range of professional disciplines, so we can find the right person to suit your child and family. Your dedicated Support Coordinator can also assist you with:

  • accessing, implementing and monitoring your child’s plan
  • preparing for plan reviews by assessing goals and whether value for money has been received
  • Identifying solutions to problems experienced in implementing your child’s plan
  • Finding the information you need to decide on new goals for the future
  • Exercising choice and control over your child’s plan

Support Coordination is usually allocated to families who require extra support and is funded separately by NDIS in their NDIS plan. This might be one off funding to help you get used to managing your NDIS package.

EarlyEd is also able to fund Support Coordination from a family’s own private funds if they have not received it from NDIS.

Support Coordination at EarlyEd

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