Rights & Advocacy

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Rights & Advocacy


Child Protection

EarlyEd is committed to personal safety and the right of people to live in dignity and security without fear of threat or harm and to be free from exploitation and abuse.

The organisation will:

  • ensure the physical environment is safe
  • conduct a thorough screening of both staff and volunteers working at EarlyEd
  • assess and manage risks
  • act immediately, following child protection procedures if there is a concern or need
  • provide staff induction and training
  • provide information to families about their rights
  • provide information to families about EarlyEd’s responsibilities with child protection
  • ensure key staff are identified as points of contact for safety and child protection


EarlyEd is committed to providing families with advocacy and support when needed or requested. EarlyEd staff will welcome and work collaboratively with any advocate for assessments, reviews and feedback or complaints. These are some organisations that might help you.

Advocacy Organisations

NSW Ombudsman

NSW Ombudsman

Ph: 1800 451 524

“The NSW Ombudsman is an independent and impartial watchdog. We watch over most public sector and many private sector agencies and their staff. Our role is to make sure these agencies and their staff do their jobs properly, meeting their responsibilities to the community.” Bruce Barbour.

family advocacy

Family Advocacy

Ph: 02 9869 0866 or freecall: 1800 620 588 (non-metropolitan NSW callers only)

Formally known as ‘The Institute for Family Advocacy and Leadership Development’; an independent, impartial organisation that supports families across New South Wales to promote and defend the rights and interests of people with developmental disability.