About Us

About Us

EarlyEd –  Promoting Expertise in Early Childhood Intervention

EarlyEd provides early childhood intervention services for children and their families. All our staff have expertise in child development and the needs of children and families in their early years and school years.   Our staff are also aware of the specific needs for children with delays in their development. EarlyEd has been all about delivering early childhood intervention services for over 40 years.

Our special educators, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, family support workers, behaviour specialists and program assistants have extra training and expertise in supporting children of all ages and with a full range of difficulties.

We have been and will continue to be committed to maintaining staff knowledge and skills. Keeping up to date with current best practices in early education, special education and therapy is a priority for EarlyEd.  Our services are active in several of our centres across Sydney, in addition to visiting children in their homes, child care centres and pre-school.  We are meeting the needs of children and families where they are.

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