Transition to School – Individual Program

Transition to School - Individual Program

Transition to School – Individual Program

EarlyEd uses a family-centred approach. We understand how important it is to work in partnership with families. Working in partnerships gives families choice and control about how to support their child. To support this partnership, EarlyEd families can choose to purchase Key Worker services.

Transition to School Individual Program includes:

  • Key Worker: Working with a Key Worker to understand the goals you have for your child and your family and creating an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP).
  • Natural Environments: Working on your goals at group sessions or at home, preschool/childcare, in the community or at an EarlyEd centre.
  • Targeted Support: Helping you form a support team to navigate therapy, school options, funding, enrolments, school meetings, and orientation.
  • Individualised Program: Working with a Key Worker on an individualised program to support your child to have a successful start to school.

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