Getting Ready for School

Getting Ready for School

Getting Ready for School

Your child’s transition to school journey is an ongoing process that begins in the years before your child starts school.  It is encouraging to realise that your child has been learning many of the skills they will need in the classroom and school environment through all their interactions with you, their family and their community in their everyday lives.

These skills among others include:

  • Building confidence
  • Gaining independence
  • Playing and making friends
  • pre-academic e.g. literacy, numeracy
  • communication

A successful transition to school for your child involves an ongoing partnership between your family, the school and any community programs that they are involved in ie preschool/childcare or Early Intervention.

A smooth start and successful experience at school begins with families and their communities supporting your child to be ready for school and supporting the school to be ready for your child. This long-term family and community collaboration is designed to lead to ‘no surprises’ when the child starts school and/or after school care.

EarlyEd offers a comprehensive range of group and individual programs to support families, children and their communities to have a positive transition to school.

The EarlyEd Getting Ready For School program is flexible and responsive and is based on individual goals for your child and your family.

EarlyEd has been supporting families as their children begin school for over forty years now and hold annual Getting Ready for School sessions.  Read our ‘Starting school soon’ blog for more information.

Transition to School Individual program

Working with a key worker on an individualised program to support your child to have a successful start to school.

Parent Training

Programs to help you learn skills to use in your daily life now and for years to come.

Group Programs

Helping children adjust easily to a school setting via our Transition to School group program.

Childcare & Preschool Support

EarlyEd offers support for families with children at childcare or preschool.