Behaviour Support

Behaviour Support

Behaviour Support Specialists have expertise in supporting children when their behaviour affects their learning or participation in the community. EarlyEd offers a flexible individualised approach that includes:

  • support where your child spends their time, home, school or early childhood settings
  • individualised training to support parents, carers and teachers

The support is offered as an individualised combination of:

  • visits
  • training
  • plan development
  • collaborative sessions with other people your child is involved with
  • between visit follow-up phone calls and Skype sessions

This approach ensure outcomes are achieved as soon as possible, and you have support all the way and your child is supported across all environments.

We also periodically offer evidence based Stepping Stones programs.

Stepping Stones Triple P 

Some members of our early childhood intervention team are qualified to deliver Stepping Stones Triple P programs. These are well researched programs adapted from the regular Triple P to suit the needs of children with a developmental delay or disability.

Stepping Stones Triple P Seminars

Our qualified  Stepping Stones Triple P regularly run the 3 Stepping Stones Triple P Seminars for parents and carers. Check our calender for current dates.

Primary Care Stepping Stones Triple P

These individual session are offered usually a block of 4 sessions. They can work well to help to target a specific behaviour of concern. Through the Primary Care package parents learn a process that they can use to address other behaviors of concern.  You can come back for another 4 sessions later if there are other behaviours you want some more support perhaps with a different behaviour.

Group Stepping Stones Triple P

These group programs are offered over 6 sessions and include opportunities for support over the phone.

This group program can be offered if we have enough interested parents. A school or group can enquire about engaging our qualified staff to offer your own group program.

What does a Behaviour Specialist do in Early Intervention?

All early intervention staff have the specialised experience to support the development of your child’s behaviour and can offer this support as part of your regular services. Your early intervention team works together to help support behaviour across all situations.

What kinds of specialised Behaviour Support services does EarlyEd offer?

EarlyEd has Behaviour Support Specialist specialising in:

  • Family Support services
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Special Education

Why would I use Behaviour Support services?

Behaviour Support can help with children who find learning difficult. If learning is difficult for your child, then your child’s behaviour might become challenging. Behaviour Support Specialists can assist you in at home, at school or out in the community – for example, at the shops..

How can behaviour support services at EarlyEd be funded?

Behaviour support services can be funded using your child’s NDIS package under Improved Daily Living Skills (Therapy Supports, Assistive Technology or Home Modifications). Alternatively, if you are not eligible for NDIS funding, our services can be funded by a range of other funding options including Medicare, private health insurance, or private funding.

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