Support for Schools

Support for Schools

Support for Schools

EarlyEd offers flexible services to schools that meet school procedures and expectations, can adapt to the individual needs of each school and its teaching staff, supports positive educational experiences and outcomes and focuses on children accessing the whole curriculum. Our goal is to support school staff in helping students:

  • Be ready for learning
  • Work on individual goals
  • Experience meaningful inclusion

Services can include collaborative planning with individual teachers to provide support for students, training and workshops for staff teams, family support, coaching, transition planning and resource development.

Services are delivered by EarlyEd staff with specialised experience and training who will work in partnership to:

  • Make an individual difference
  • Offer quality learning experience
  • Use a range of effective teaching strategies and adjustments
  • Provide benefits for all students
  • Give professional learning for teachers

Download EarlyEd’s Ready To Learn At School brochure and School Services flyer for further information.

The EarlyEd team includes speech pathologists, special educators, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and behaviour specialists, working together to offer a holistic approach to intervention support. Schools are able to request support from a specific discipline knowing the EarlyEd staff:

  • Have access to advice and supervision from other disciplines.
  • Are experienced transdisciplinary interventionists with extra training and broad skill sets across all areas of development and learning.

This approach ensures:

  • All areas of difficulty for a child are identified
  • These areas are managed by prioritising and identifying prerequisite skills or related needs
  • Collaborative planning to reduce the number of goals for family and staff and demands on each child.
  • Less external therapists visiting your school.

EarlyEd has been offering teacher support for over 35 years across Northern, Western and Inner Western Sydney Areas.

Changes under the National Disability Insurance scheme (NDIS), in the way children with disability and their family will access funding and current community and education sector reforms have created an opportunity for schools to tailor supports, be innovative and partner collaboratively.

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