Stepping Stones Triple P Parenting Program

Stepping Stones Triple P

Stepping Stones at EarlyEd

Stepping Stones is a world-renowned parenting program. Stepping Stones Triple P is a specially designed parenting program for parents of a child with disability.

Stepping Stones Triple P recognises that raising a child with disability creates challenges and extra stresses on the family. Stepping Stones Triple P is all about helping parents feel more confident and competent in their parenting. It can help you to manage behavioural problems and developmental concerns in children with disabilities, so all the family can benefit.

Stepping Stones Triple P can help you to:
  • Raise happy, confident children.
  • Develop family rules and routines.
  • Manage problem behaviours and encourage positive behaviours.
  • Teach your child new skills.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Participate in your community.

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How Does the Program Work?

Stepping Stones is one of the few parenting programs in the world that has scientific backing. The Triple P program (Positive Parenting Program) has been used and tested with thousands of families for more than 30 years. As a result of many years of research, Triple P has developed the new Stepping Stones Triple P program, which is specifically for parents of children with a disability, and can help to reduce emotional and behavioural problems in children.

The research offers the program for free to parents of children with disabilities (in QLD, NSW and Victoria), and is helping:

  • families to benefit the program
  • researchers to measure its impact and learn how to better support families

EarlyEd offers two Stepping Stones Triple P programs:


Positive Parenting in a Nutshell

The seminar program consists of three 90-minute sessions which cover the most common issues for parents of children with disability. The topics are:

  • “Positive Parenting for Children with a Disability”
  • “Helping your child to Reach their Potential”
  • “Changing Problem Behaviour into Positive Behaviour”

Seminars are designed to be a brief introduction to the Stepping Stones Triple P strategies. You will receive some ideas to take home and try out with your family and a tip sheet each week with details of the strategies that have been presented.


Primary Care
For Everyday Problems

If your child has a particular behaviour or developmental concern that is challenging at home, then Primary Care Stepping Stones Triple P can help. Primary Care is tailored to help with specific issues. These are individual sessions with an EarlyEd team member who is trained to provide the Stepping Stones Triple P program. After discussing your concerns, together you will develop strategies and ideas on how to manage your child’s behavioural issues, and to create new ways of learning, interacting and behaving.

There are many things that EarlyEd’s Primary Care Stepping Stones Triple P program can help with. For instance, if your child has behaviours or anxieties which make mealtimes very stressful, Stepping Stones Triple P can teach you strategies to help manage your child’s behaviour during mealtimes, and teach them new, positive behaviours. At EarlyEd, we can deliver this program to suit your family’s individual needs and routines at a location that suits you.

What do EarlyEd families say about Triple P Stepping Stones?

“There were lots of real examples and tips.”

“Great session today, lots of focus on how to implement strategies.”

“I wish the seminar was longer than 3 sessions! Loved your role-play. Great acting!”

“Really clear helpful information. Thank you.”

“I could not have done this at a better time. Thanks.”

Stepping Stones

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