Professional Support

Educational & Professional Development

EarlyEd delivers educational and professional support via our consultancy services to early childhood centres and schools. 

  • Do you want to upskill your team or self so you can better support the children you work with?
  • Do you need training to achieve your accreditation goals?
  • Is there funding available to support training or innovative approaches to supporting children?
  • Do you go to training and come back really inspired but then run out of time or energy to make it happen?

EarlyEd’s inclusion consultancy service builds the capacity of the community to support the inclusion of children with a disability and their families.

Our leading education and training program includes professional development workshops, tailored training workshops and individualized consultancy programs for schools and early childhood centres.

Do you need more than just the training to know how to use new information? 

EarlyEd can deliver training at your school or early childhood centre in a way that will really make a difference. We tailor the information to your needs and offer you follow-up afterwards.

With over 35 years of early childhood intervention experience and run by highly qualified staff, EarlyEd’s inclusion consultancy service is renowned within the early childhood and education sector. Our staff are experienced early childhood interventionists who specialise in supporting children with a full range of disabilities or delays and maximising positive meaningful inclusion. Our team includes speech therapy, special education, occupational therapy, physiotherapy as well as family and behaviour support.

Learn more about how EarlyEd can support your school or early childhood centre today:

Professional Training

Training professionals in the world renowned Hanen® speech pathology programs

School Consultancy

Strategies to identify the support a child needs to be able to learn in a school environment.

Childcare & Preschool Support

Childcare & Preschool Consultancy

Practical approaches that can be used in your childcare centre or preschool.


Inclusion Consultancy

EarlyEd is available to provide advice to councils and businesses to support their access and inclusion measures

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