Key Word Sign

Key Word Sign

What happens at Key Word Sign Workshops?

Learning different signs and how to use them for communication is the best way to learn Key Word Sign. The Key Word Sign workshops give you an excellent interactive signing experience and are usually held as a 1 day workshop or 2 x half day workshops. 

Each participant will receive a workshop Certificate from Key Word Sign NSW.

To express interest in attending this program, for times and locations, or to find out more please contact us.

When and How can Key Word Sign Help You?

Key Word Sign is the combination of manual signs and natural gesture, used to support communication. It is designed for use with children and adults who have communication difficulties.

Key Word Sign is used internationally and uses the signs of the host country. Therefore in Australia, we borrow signs from Auslan (Australian Sign Language).  

The main principles of Key Word Sign are:

  • Always use speech together with the sign
  • Speak in normal, grammatical sentences
  • Sign only the key words in the sentence
  • Use facial expression and body language to help support your message
Who runs Key Word Sign Workshops?

Workshops are run by certified Key Word Sign presenters who undergo specific training to deliver the course. Key Work Sign workshops are run by EarlyEd in a variety of settings including at our centre and in the community.

Why go to a Key Work Sign Workshop?

Come along and learn how to use Key Word Sign, natural gesture and other strategies to communicate with your children/clients.

 The Key Word Sign basic workshop has been endorsed as a registered professional development course by Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES). Teachers can count attendance at a Key Word Sign Basic Workshop towards maintaining​ their accreditation at the level of proficient teacher. 

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