Be Ready to Learn Together

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Be Ready to Learn Together

There are only 4 months to go before a new group of children start school for the very first time. Many children find starting school a challenge. These new resources, might be just what you need for the children you know to be ready to learn together.

They are different to other resources available on the internet as they:

  • are short and easy to follow
  • include videos and handouts
  • are in multiple languages and
  • have been developed by local childcare, preschool and school teachers, and groups from the community.

These videos and handouts are for parents and grandparents to watch and community groups to share. Have a look at them here.

There are two main ways to help children be ready for school.

  • Help them be independent.
  • Get involved in a playgroup, school orientation, childcare or preschool.
Starting school resources poster. Text heavy.

To be ready to learn children need to:

  • Look after themselves – They need to be able to blow their nose, pack their bag, carry their bag, put on their jacket and open a lunch box. Make sure your child knows how to do these things as it helps them develop important problem solving and motor coordination skills and makes them feel more confident.
  • Play with children who aren’t family – Children need to meet new people, play with different children in different ways, follow another adult’s directions and join in structured routines. Playing with family or in the park is not the same as joining a formal group program. Playgroups and school orientation are great for helping children with the skills they need.

A smooth start makes a difference at school for years.

These resources give parents and grandparents ideas to help their child have a smooth start to school.

Research shows that when parents and families get involved in helping children they are more likely to be ready for school. Children who have a great start show stronger, ongoing child development and do better educationally all through school.

Local services know that when we all work together we can find ways to help parents feel confident in their role supporting their child’s readiness for school.

Ready to Learn Together resources were developed through the valuable funding of a Multicultural NSW COVID-19 Innovation grant.

We launched Ready to Learn Together this October as now is the time to give information to families with children starting school soon. This new material can help give all children the same educational opportunities for the future.

If you live in Northern or Western Sydney and you are concerned about your child starting school soon we can help you. Email us at and we will be in touch.

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