Parent Training

Parent Training

HANEN ® at EarlyEd programs

HANEN ® 12 week intensive programs offered by EarlyEd Hanen certified Speech Pathologists who are not only experienced Speech Pathologists but all have broad early childhood.

Free Orientation sessions

EarlyEd runs an Orientation session for each program several times a year to introduce you to the programs and help you work out how your child will benefit. If you register your interest we will contact you when the next Orientation sessions are to be held.

Go to the Hanen website to find out more detail about the content of the Orientation sessions.

It might be helpful to attend an Orientation session even if you arent quite ready to do the whole program.  Then you can plan ahead to one in the future when the circumstances are more suitable as you will need to commit to the full program.

Intervention expertise

EarlyEd offers the More Than Words® Program , It Takes Two to Talk®  and Talkability® regularly. To secure your place, contact us to register your interest. You will then go to on to our waiting list.

Followup sessions

The strategies you learn in the Hanen program are ones you will frequently reuse as your child develops.  You may find indivdualised follow up sessions at regular intervals will keep you on track as your child develops. These EarlyEd Hanen booster sessions with your Speech Pathologist can be booked when you need them using any of your funding supports.

More Than Words®

EarlyEd offers More Than Words® the Hanen Program® for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Social Communication Difficulties.

It Takes Two To Talk®

EarlyEd offers It Takes Two to Talk® the Hanen Program® for parents of children with language delays.



TalkAbility is an intensive Parent Training Program for Young Children (aged 3-8) with Autism Spectrum Disorder or a Social- Communication Difficulty.

Other Parent Training Programs


There are a lot of different ways to receive your early intervention.  These are some of the courses that EarlyEd runs to assist parents and families.

Key Word Sign workshops

Key Word Sign

EarlyEd offers Key Word Sign training, the combination of manual signs and natural gesture used to support communication.

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Stepping Stones Triple P

EarlyEd offers Stepping Stones Triple P, the world renowned parenting program specially designed for parents of a child with disability.