Preschoolers Development & Needs

Sometimes, around entry to preschool, families realise that their child is not developing at the rate expected for a preschooler. It can be quite hard to notice delays in development when a child is young, especially if this is your first child. When your child starts preschool with other preschoolers their age, it may then become noticeable that there is a delay. Their speech or language might be much simpler than other children their age, they might have trouble following instructions and learning how to do unfamiliar activities, or difficulty with coordination and physical movement when playing outside.

Preschoolers need to be ready for learning at home, preschool and out in the community.  Preschoolers need to have time to be with and to learn to play with other children. Preschoolers learn a great deal from everyday experiences at home and at childcare/preschool.

Why Preschoolers Need Early Intervention

EarlyEd provides a range of early childhood intervention services to help your preschooler know how to learn, develop and play in fun, natural settings. Play is recognised in early childhood research as one of the most important ways that children learn.

EarlyEd will help you find ways to:

  • Best support your child’s development
  • Teach your preschooler how to do new things in your everyday routines
  • Engage in natural play environments around your home and community
  • Know what services your child needs
  • Support your child to be fully included at childcare and preschool
  • Support your family to be part of your networks and community
  • Get your child ready for school
Resource for Parents

Starting Blocks is a website that assists parents and equips them with the information and tools they need.  From care at home, to developmental milestones, to choosing and starting at a childcare, this site can guide parents in some important decisions.

Where Early Intervention Occurs

EarlyEd offers a range of programs for toddlers who are delayed in their development or who have been diagnosed with a disability. Each family has an intervention program tailored to suit their needs, and at EarlyEd, sessions can be held in your:

  • Home
  • Child’s preschool or childcare
  • Community (e.g. sports group, the local park)
  • Local EarlyEd centre
How Early Intervention Happens at EarlyEd

One form of early intervention at EarlyEd are playgroups for children up to 5 years of age who need some support with their development. There are no waiting lists for our playgroups, and they are open to the community. For more information, contact your local EarlyEd centre or click here.

EarlyEd Can Help

At EarlyEd we provide a range of services for preschoolers (3-5 years old) who are delayed in their development or who have been diagnosed with a disability.

We understand that having concerns about your child’s development can be a difficult time for your family. If you contact an early intervention service like EarlyEd, this can help you feel more confident about what to do. EarlyEd staff can listen to your concerns, and help you to work out what you can do next. We can provide you with information about how we can help, and even put you in touch with one of our many supported playgroups in Northern and Western Sydney.

At EarlyEd we encourage you to trust your own feelings. You know your child best! You may have been concerned for a while about your child’s development. If this is how you are feeling, there are people you can discuss your concerns with, such as:

  • EarlyEd
  • Early Childhood Intervention Infoline (phone: 1300 656 865)
  • Your GP (Doctor)
  • Your local Early Childhood Nurse

Preschoolers and EarlyEd

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