Inclusive New Playgrounds Open in Sydney’s Northern Beaches

“Play For All” Inclusive Play Spaces Open in the Northern Beaches

Inclusive playground launched.
Play For All team at launch day. EarlyEd CEO, Kerry Dominish, front right.

Innovative inclusive spaces are taking shape across 5 pocket parks in Belrose funded by Northern Beaches Council. Why not visit each one to see how they all link together? You can find them at Windrush Ave, Maple Pl, Wentworth Pl, Lindrum st and Pusan Pl. Launched on 24th August at Lindrum Reserve the series of parks represents not only inclusive design but innovation in design development. EarlyEd was involved in the design by providing input related to the research evidence for inclusive design and ideas that support child development and child play.

The designs rose out of a collaborative partnership with local artists, designers, engineers, early childhood educators, allied health professionals and council staff. Inclusive design is actually good design. It is more than just access to the park.

EarlyEd’s input focussed on encouraging children to engage in the space around them. The layout out of spaces helps little children to reach and use the equipment and older children to be imaginative. The spaces will suggest play ideas to the children and parents about how to play. Often children that have delays in development need help getting started in play.

You won’t find expensive large climbing frames here as they are available in other parks in the community. They haven’t needed remove the older type of play equipment but instead have added in new play elements.

Bring along the toys your child likes to play with the add an extra dimension to their play at the park.

Balls to kick around and under the new spaces.

Little cars to drive along the slats.

A bag to collect leaves.

A saucepan and spoons so you can pick the leaves and flowers from the planter boxes and make a “concoction”.

A little watering can to water the new plants. (They sure need it in this dry weather.)

Lindrum has a fabulous bike track and now has extra features that help you think of new play ideas.

Play for All” would love your feedback when you visit the park. Contact EarlyEd if you want to know more about inclusive play space development.

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