Get Involved in NSW Bike Week

Bike Week

EarlyEd supports NSW Bike Week. Our local newspapers have provided you will some great places for bike riding. Check these out .

Bike riding is a great social activity for families and gives children a sense of belonging as well as providing a fun way to take part in exercise. For all children, learning to ride a bike provides a sense of accomplishment, purpose and success for the rider while increasing fitness and motor skills.

For children with delays in development, bike riding provides immense benefits including:

  • Strengthening anti-gravity muscles
  • Promoting Bone growth
  • Development of head and trunk control
  • Development of hand/eye coordination
  • Opportunity for problem solving
  • Improved respiratory activity

Being able to join in with an activity that other children can do and their family is involved in creates an opportunities for social acceptance and Improved self-esteem.

Adaptive bicycles

Sometimes it is difficult for children who have a lot of postural support needs to be able to ride a commercially available bike. Adaptive bicycles are therefore a wonderful addition for an active outdoors family, because they truly allow for everyone to be included, as well as providing your child with a sense of independence and freedom.

A range of adaptive bikes with minimal to maximal support are available from suppliers of rehab equipment and can be used by children that are not able to sit without support or walk independently. These include:

  1. The Rifton Adaptive Tricyle: helpful for children who require less physical support but would benefit from a modified bike to help with either balance or cognitive abilities to balance a bike.
  2. TAD Freedom Wheels Bikes: personalized, custom-built bikes designed to meet the individual needs of your child. An assessment process ensures that your child receives a bike that is suited to their age, height, weight, physical and cognitive abilities. Free assessments are held at TAD House in Northmead every Thursday.

Freedom Wheels bicycles are being funded through the NDIS. It is important to have the quote at your initial planning meeting or annual review. Please discuss this with your child’s key worker. They can also help you to fill-in the project application form for Freedom Wheels.

For further information, you can also contact at TAD directly on 02 9912 3437 or


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