Vivid Sydney 2019

Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney 2019

What makes Tumbalong Lights Inclusive?

Extra Volunteers with extra training

Volunteers are everywhere at Tumbalong Lights! Look out for the lime green vests. These extra volunteers have taken part in inclusion training. Ask them for help at any time.

There are many features of Tumbalong Lights that makes it easier for families. Read on for more inclusion information!

vivid volunteers

Tumbalong Lights – where Vivid Sydney is not so crowded

Not sure about the crowds at Vivid Sydney? Tumbalong Lights Inclusive playSPACE has plenty of SPACE. It is set in the quieter part of Darling Harbour.

Come out at the Southern end of Town Hall station and walk down the hill. Look out for the Tumbalong Light arch and walk through the sparkling “Under the Milky Way” installation. The installations are spaced wide apart and setting is not too bright.

Down near the water in the Darling Harbour precinct there are fireworks twice on Friday & Saturday (7:40pm and 9:00pm). It is noisier and busier as it has a “light and sound spectacle Robot SPACELand is built around a central 16 m high unit, the Ecobot.” During Vivid, firework shows are incorporated into Robot SPACELand at Darling Harbour.

If you want extra quiet the “quiet sessions” start at 5.00 pm just before dark.

Under the Milky Way

Passport to a smooth visit to Tumbalong Lights inclusive playSPACE

Want a great way to help your child and family know what to do at the playSPACE? Pick up your passport from the Volunteers (in lime green vests) stationed near the entry arch. Let the volunteers explain what the installations are.

Follow the map. Help your child know how long you will be at Tumbalong Lights, Vivid Sydney 2019, and what you will do. Get a stamp from the volunteer at each installation to track your progress. All These volunteers have been organised by Cushman & Wakefield, Vivid Sydney’s Access and Inclusion Partners.


Easy ride at Tumbalong Lights Inclusive playSPACE

Prams, wheel chairs and even bikes get an easy ride on the smooth path between installations at Tumbalong Lights. The paths certainly make getting around easier. They can also be used as a visual cue to help your family know which way to go next and to keep everyone together.

Lots of Visual cues at Tumbalong Lights Inclusive playSPACE

Each installation has been selected with inclusion in mind. The installations include features that make the experience inclusive; this includes visual cues. Even the passport and pathways are cues to help support your journey into the SPACE.

Line up in the queue to wait for “See What I See”. Stand on the white square to experience this fun colourful facial recognition experience.

Stay and relax on the beam bags and watch the “One Giant Leap” movie.

The Vivid Sydney white and pink light posts can be a target to aim for as you move your family around the playSPACE.

Vivid signs

Not lost in Space at Tumbalong Lights Inclusive playSPACE

You can use the visual features at the playSPACE to help everyone keep together. The flooring creates a visual boundary to help children know how far to move away. The Pink and white light poles help children know where to go next. The giant “Alien Visitor” in the centre can be your meeting place if anyone is lost as it is visible from anywhere. And don’t forget to use your volunteers (in lime green vests and red jackets) at any time to help you.

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