EarlyEd Day at Strathfield North Public School


EarlyEd Day at Strathfield North Public School

When learning and growth in understanding inspires action, a school girl becoming aware of disability and the needs of others decided to motivate her entire school into both greater awareness and a response.


By Esther Holding, aged 9
Teaching sign language at the SRC meeting

Boom: An idea! A day for EarlyEd. On Monday 11th December 2017, Strathfield North public school held an official fundraiser for EarlyEd, to raise money to help children with disabilities. So where did this idea come from? I have been reading a book called Wonder by R.J. Palacio and it is about a boy who looked different.  I have also been reading another book about a boy who has autism. These books have been teaching me that it’s okay to be different and sometimes we may just need a little extra help.  Then in October I helped EarlyEd run a stall at the North Sydney Children’s festival to tell the community about what they do to help children. All of this contributed to helping me think of the idea to raise money for EarlyEd to help children with disabilities.

So, this what I did to make my idea happen…

I went to my Student Representative Council meeting and explained my idea to them. A week later, my mum, who works for EarlyEd (Kylie Holding), came in and talked to them about EarlyEd and I taught them sign language. I really enjoyed teaching the signs: eat, drink, more, orange and apple. Following this, my mum came in again to help the rest of the school to get a better understanding about EarlyEd by speaking at our school assembly.

We decided to hold a fundraiser for EarlyEd on Monday 11th December. I was so excited in the morning as we headed off to school, I couldn’t wait to see all the colours for EarlyEd. As we walked into the playground dressed in our bright colours, my brother Josiah, my mum and I were met by a dazzle of brightly coloured children. We all thought it was incredible to see all these children helping EarlyEd. It was especially amazing for my mum and I, but in different ways. For me, it was because it was just so breathtaking to see my idea come to life. But for mum, well because all of the gold coin donations that would go to help EarlyEd. If most of the 600 kids (approximately) gave a gold coin donation, how much would we raise? Well the answer is over $400! I was so excited with this amount. All of the money will go towards EarlyEd helping school aged children and their families getting the support they need. The kids who helped with donating on the day, will understand more about children with disabilities and how we can include them in our schools.  But the best thing about Monday 11th December was that EarlyEd will continue to help children who need extra help.

EarlyEd would like to thank the students and staff at Strathfield North Public School for holding this fundraising event and for the generous contribution that will go towards helping us to deliver vital services children with disabilities and their families. 

EarlyEd loves to partner with community groups, schools, organisations and corporations in a variety of ways including fundraising and awareness events such at school based fundraisers, volunteer projects, professional in-kind support, personal and corporate donations. If a nine-year-old can initiate and drive an event – so can you!  Please find out more about how you can get involved and contact us to share any partnership ideas you have. 

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