Volunteering at EarlyEd's Toy Library

Do you want to make a difference to young children of all abilities and their families living across Northern Sydney, to:

  • save families money (because they don’t need to buy toys)
  • save families time storing and managing toys at home (especially if space is tight)
  • help children who are finding learning challenging or who have a disability (find fun ways to support their development through play)
  • reduce waste going into the environment (especially from hard plastics) and
  • help families connect up with others in their community?

Then come join our volunteer team at the Cubby House Toy Library.

As a volunteer for the Cubby House Toy Library you could be:

  • helping parents borrow the toys they need
  • recording loans
  • recording returns of toys and books using a computer database (full training given)
  • checking toys for missing pieces or breakages
  • cleaning toys
  • re-shelving toys and books
  • making resources that parents can use with their toys
  • playing with children while a parent looks at suitable toys
  • helping EarlyEd’s teaching and therapy staff organise intervention sessions
  • helping with the administration that is needed to run the library

The Cubby House Toy Library has been operating for nearly 45 years, and always kept our membership fees low, because we have had volunteers. Some stay for years and some just come for a short time while they can. EarlyEd and the families value them all.

You can work: 

  • weekly or fortnightly when the library is open or other services are being offered 
  • or you might like to work on a special project for a limited time period. 

You have a team behind you helping you know what to do.

Training and ongoing support is offered to all volunteers. 

To start volunteering at our toy library call us on 99232727 or visit contact us.

Reuse, Recycle and Repair

To donate:

The Toy Library is in need of quality, well maintained, clean toys. We can’t use soft toys.

Please contact us if you wish to donate specialist toys or equipment in good condition so that we can check that it is what the library is in need of.

Involved with recycling:

EarlyEd is committed to supporting reuse, recycling and repair approaches in the community and keeping toys out of our waste. Please be in touch if there are ways we can be more involved with these community approaches.

There are many organisations in the local community that are happy to recycle toys and may also repair them. Go to https://recyclingnearyou.com.au for local recycling opportunities.

This Northern Beaches Council link shares local waste reduction opportunities.