School Aged Children

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School Aged Children

School Aged Children Development & Needs

At EarlyEd, we understand that the year before school can be a difficult time for families. Contact with an early intervention service like EarlyEd can help you feel more confident about your decisions. We offer services for your school aged child.  Ask at your nearest EarlyEd centre for more information about this.

School age children need to be ready for learning at home, at school (both in the classroom and the playground) and ready for learning out in the community.

What is Early Intervention For School Aged Children

EarlyEd provides a range of services to help your child know how to

  • Learn, develop, make friends and play in the school environment
  • Learn and be part of family life
  • Be part of your community

You will be able to meet with EarlyEd staff for advice, strategies and coaching on how to best support your child. The staff can give you strategies to help nurture your child’s development.

EarlyEd offers services and staff that are flexible and responsive to your family’s needs. We have programs throughout the year including during school holidays, after school hours. and at after school or vacation care. We also do planning and meetings while your child is at school.

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EarlyEd Can Help

Sometimes, around the time of school enrolment, families realise that their child is not developing as well as would have expected for a school aged child.

You may have been concerned about this for a while.  If this is how you are feeling, you can contact:

  • EarlyEd (9923 2727)
  • Your GP (Doctor)

EarlyEd will help you:

  • Best nurture your child’s development
  • Teach your school aged child how to do new things in your everyday routines for learning such as bath time or school drop off
  • Engage in natural play environment around your home, school and your community such as going to the park, shops or sporting groups
  • Know what services are needed
  • Be ready to learn for school
  • By supporting you and your child’s school
  • To be a part of your local networks and community


school aged

School Aged Children and EarlyEd

Therapy Services

Find out about the individual therapy services EarlyEd offers to help support your child’s development. 

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Help your child develop the skills they need to join community activities such as dance, swimming and sports

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Transition to School

Help your child adjust easily to a school setting through our Transition to School program

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Parent Training

EarlyEd delivers a range of workshops for parents to help learn skills to use in your daily life now and for years to come.

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