TalkAbility® by Hanen®



What is TalkAbility® by Hanen®?

TalkAbility® is an intensive parent training program for young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or social communication difficulties. It is for parents of children aged 4 years to 8 years old who may have verbal language skills, however has difficulty using these skills effectively. These high-functioning children may have difficulty having conversations with others, or difficulty discussing topics that are interesting to other people, they require help interacting with children the same age, or to tune into the non-verbal cues of an interaction. TalkAbility® is often a great program to follow on after completing More Than Words®.


Why Should I Attend the TalkAbility program? 

This program helps parents understand what their child can already do, and then set the next appropriate goal to work on. In a group setting we plan how to support the child learning in a natural interaction, and then support the family through video feedback coaching in the home. We find families and their children benefit greatly from this focused and supportive extra help to achieve their goals.

Download the TalkAbility brochure for further information.

At EarlyEd, we find parents who participate in TalkAbility learn:

  • How to help their child build longer and better conversation skills
  • How to “tune in” to the social non-verbal messages of others
  • How to support their child’s imaginative play skills with peers
  • The importance of story telling in conversations, and how to further build these skills
  • Using play dates to support peer- peer interactions

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