World Play Day at the Cubby House Toy

Toy Libraries give new ideas to support your child’s learning.
Celebrate World Play Day at the Cubby House Toy Library, Forestville. You can join the library and if you are concerned about your child’s development, book an appointment with our experienced early intervention staff at EarlyEd.
Play is the way children learn. By playing with other children, parents, family and even by themselves they explore, problem solve and socialise.
When learning is fun you want to learn more – play is fun learning. Cubby House Toy Library can introduce you to new ideas, help you borrow something that can bring variety into your child’s play and keep learning fun.
Early intervention educators and therapists can show you how a toy can be used in ways that will support different areas of development.
Some toys are great for helping little hands manipulate objects and develop strength in the muscles involved with fine movements. We need these muscles when we do things for ourselves like do up a button, cut up food and write. Play activities can get our hands ready for doing the everyday activities that help us be independent.
Other toys are great for helping us problem solve. We need to be able sort, make patterns and sequence to get ready for number work at school.
Your early intervention staff can help you work out individual ways to support your child and how to continue this play at home and in everyday activities.
Find out more about Cubby House Toy Library.

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