Hanen® at EarlyEd

Hanen® at EarlyEd

Hanen® at EarlyEd

Hanen® Parent Training Programs at EarlyEd

EarlyEd delivers Hanen® intensive, individualised speech pathology programs for parents. If your child is experiencing speech delays or communication difficulties, our programs provide practical strategies for addressing your child’s specific needs and building their language skills naturally during every day routines and activities. Delivered through a mix of group training sessions and individual sessions, the programs are tailored to the individual needs of your child and family. All programs are delivered by EarlyEd’s Hanen Certified speech-language pathologists and provide you with the tools needed to help your child reach their fullest communication potential.

The Role of Parents in Language Intervention

Sarah Barlett, EarlyEd speech pathologist and Hanen® certified trainer discusses the important role parents play in their child’s language intervention. Read her blog post about the benefits of parents attending a Hanen® speech language program.

Hanen® parent training programs at EarlyEd:
We offer 12 week intensive Hanen® specialised speech language programs in three areas:

  • It Takes Two To Talk: for children, aged 2 to 6, with a language delay (not talking, using single word, short phrases)
  • More Than Words: for children, aged 2 to 6 ,with Autistic Spectrum Disorder or a Social- communication Disorder (not talking, beginning to have short back and forward conversations)
  • TalkAbility: for children, aged 4 to 8, with Autistic Spectrum Disorder or a Social- Communication Disorder who a verbal, having conversations, and working on improving interaction skills with others, including peers and friendships
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Hanen® at EarlyEd in 2020:

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More Than Words®

EarlyEd offers More Than Words® the Hanen Program® for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Social Communication Difficulties.

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It Takes Two To Talk®

EarlyEd offers It Takes Two to Talk® the Hanen Program® for parents of children with language delays.



TalkAbility is an intensive Parent Training Program for Young Children (aged 3-8) with Autism Spectrum Disorder or a Social- Communication Difficulty.

Join A Hanen® Program in 2020

EarlyEd is running Hanen® programs again in 2020.  Take a look at our events page for upcoming sessions. Alternatively, sign-up to our newsletter to be alerted about upcoming sessions or call 9923 2727 to make an enquiry.