Holiday Groups

School Holidays

EarlyEd offers a variety of school holiday programs for all members of the family. School holiday programs include groups and intensive individualised sessions for school aged children. Our holiday activities provide opportunities for families to all be involved in intervention and have some fun together. The whole family can develop skills that will enable them to play/practice together with their child with disability at home.

Due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19, school holiday programs are not currently planned

Hand skills

Hand Skills Group

Does your child:

  • Tire easily when writing or cutting?
  • Have trouble with dressing for example with buttons or zippers?
  • Find it difficult to concentrate and maintain attention?
  • Need help to open and close lunch boxes and drink bottles?
  • Have poor motor planning skills?
  • Appear uncoordinated and clumsy?

Developing hand skills is especially important for children about to start school or just starting school. The Hand Skills group involves a range of gross and fine motor activities, which are planned to support your child’s individual needs.

To find out when our next Hands Skills program is running, visit What’s on.

Friendship Skills Lego® Group

Lego Masters might be over but our wonderful Friendship Skills holiday program visited by Hamish Blake is still running, and you can be involved each school holidays!

EarlyEd’s Friendship Skills Lego® Group is open to pre-schoolers or school aged children with difficulties or delays in social communication. It is designed to help children to develop skills in:

  • Sharing
  • Turn taking
  • Engaging with peers
  • Initiating positive interactions
  • Responding to interactions appropriately
  • Communicating in social settings

The group encourages social interaction, communication and collaborative play skills in a supportive environment. Intervention staff will provide opportunities for parents / caregivers to develop strategies to support their child’s social skills across a variety of settings.

To find out when our next Friendship Skills program is running, visit What’s on.

Language and literacy through music crop
Kaitlyn G in class

Language and Literacy Through Music

EarlyEd’s Language & Literacy Through Music holiday group program:

  • Uses music to support language and literacy learning
  • Provides opportunities to practice language in a social environment
  • Keeps learning easy and fun.

The group provides strategies to help you keep practicing your language goals across the day at home, while enabling you to adapt the program to support your child’s other developmental areas.

To find out when our next Language and Literacy Through Music program is running, visit What’s on.

School Skills

Offering a fun group experience for school aged children and pre-schoolers who are about to start school. The program aims to foster skills in the developmental areas your child needs including:

  • Following instruction
  • Sharing information
  • Joining in with other children
  • Physical skills (fine & gross motor)
  • Self help skills
  • Independence and confidence

To find out when our next School Skills program is running, visit What’s on.

School Holidays and EarlyEd

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